The GPMC | NMC is very proud to work alongside the Workers for Wishes (W4W) team as they enrich the people of their community. Here are some highlights from 2023. All of the content featuring these brave kids was curated from the Workers 4 Wishes Facebook page.

W4W is a volunteer-based charity. We have no paid staff and virtually no overhead, meaning 99% of funds raised go directly toward creating wishes for sick kids.

– Workers for Wishes

A Wish 4 Braxton

Braxton’s wish was for a mini vacation with his family in the Province and a shopping spree for electronics.

The importance of family was evident when meeting with this young Woodstock high schooler. So his family was given gift cards to spend in a local mall while Braxton got a new large-screen TV, a gaming computer with a monitor, and an Apple iPhone 14+.

We are indebted to our major partners GPMC of Canada, the NB building trades, and ICS Creative Agency in Saint John. Without their help and the support of our NB family, it wouldn’t be possible.

In August 2021 Braxton was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He underwent 2 surgeries which removed most of the tumor and has since been on targeted chemo.

His wish will be granted in the next week and we look forward to that for Braxton is a big family man and wanted to share as much of his wish as possible. Tune in again real soon.

Thanks also to Global News Maritimes for covering Braxton’s story.

A Wish 4 Emily

We would like to thank Workers 4 Wishes for Emily’s pool she got in the fall. She has had so much fun swimming with her family and her friends. We got a lift set up so she can easily get in and out. It was an amazing gift for her and she will continue to enjoy it in all this hot weather! We are so thankful for all you do for the kids.

A Wish 4 Greyson

Yesterday was the day Greyson’s wish was granted. His wish was to stay at Great Wolf Lodge near Boston, Massachusetts. The all-inclusive stay will be packed with fun and adventure. After 4 nights there he and his parents will head to Concord, New Hampshire for a couple more nights. Each day is packed with a full itinerary of museum visits, White Mountain trip, and the Cog Railway. He also has a gift card for the giant Lego store and cash to spend at the outlet stores.

His family spoke of his bravery and positive thinking throughout his journey and how he enjoys helping others. Our major partner was happy to take part in this presentation. Many of our wishes would not be possible without the generosity of the General Presidents Maintenance Committee of Canada and the members they represent all across our great country. Also pleased to work alongside ICS Creative agency in Saint John.

In 2019 Greyson was diagnosed with a Wilm’s tumor and was forced to have a kidney removed. He also underwent radiation and chemotherapy along with other complications along the way. We found Greyson to be a bright, well-spoken young man mature beyond his age of 8.

A Wish 4 Shawn

This morning Shawn and his family will be waking up in the happiest place on earth, Disney World Orlando. This is the beginning of a week full of adventures.

The KV Lions Club assisted with this wish from day 1 and even hosted this event in the Bill Maguire Centre in Rothesay. Wishes are built on friends – families and neighbors, everything the Lions Club stands for.

We would also like to thank the GPMC of Canada who do great work all across our nation and of course ICS Custom Creations.

Update from Shawn’s Disney trip: Looks like an awesome time was had by all! Thx again to KV Lions and the GPMC.

Shawn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and before the age of 1 was receiving chemotherapy, which was unsuccessful. When he was one and half years old he underwent surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible.

A Wish 4 Tyler

This week has been special for our Tyler. Thursday was his birthday and yesterday he got to cut the ribbon on his new ramp with his mom and his cake with his gran.

W4W president spoke to the gathering about how special this was for all of us and how resilient Tyler is. His mother said this has changed all their lives and will save her back.

We are grateful to Tim and Dave for their expertise in building the ramp and deck, it looked wonderful.

Happy to see our GPMC rep on hand to bring support from building trade unions across Canada. Thx also to our ICS a really creative company right here in Saint John.

Tyler was born with Dandy-Walker Syndrome. He is nonverbal though he can sigh some and also uses his iPad to talk for him. He is a social person who defies his illness and that will be a starting point of his wish.