As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, the contract maintenance industry followed its historical pattern of performing ongoing long-term maintenance at the various facilities across Canada. Our contractors and members executed the work in a safe and proficient manner which our clients have become accustomed to since the inception of the first General Presidents’ Maintenance Agreement in 1952.

The superior skills of our members, represented by the various Building Trade Unions, were on display day in and day out as we continue to keep our Canadian industrial facilities in superior working condition. The Committee is working hard with its industry partners to change the narrative regarding skilled trades work. We repeatedly relay the message that being a craftsperson, earning a living with your hands, and working on the tools is an honorable profession.

 As the busy turnaround season begins, the supply of skilled labour will become challenging. There is an unprecedented amount of construction and maintenance activity across North America, and the opportunities for qualified tradespeople will be endless. The GPMC/NMC will continue to work with our employer partners to ensure that the needs of our clients are met from coast to coast.

 “For several decades, our Unions have demonstrated their ability to deliver and meet the needs of the demanding maintenance industry. We have always delivered when counted upon and we expect nothing different this year.  No other organization can do what we do. When you require thousands of professional skilled workers, for a major maintenance event with a compressed schedule our group is the only group that has the ability to make this happen.

 Any Client looking to eliminate the risk of not securing the right skilled labour at the right time needs to align itself with one of the many employers operating under the GPMA/NMA Agreements. Success happens when you have a plan and we should be part of that plan,” said McKenzie.

Thank you to all those individuals who report to the various sites across the nation, ply their trade discipline and bring these highly complex, intense and challenging events to completion.  You are the ones who keep our country running. Keep up the good work!