The great country singer Willie Nelson’s song “It’s Hard to be Humble,” is a fitting quote to describe the unionized maintenance industry as the second quarter of 2024 comes to a close.  Once again, the Building Trades members across the country rose to the challenge during the spring turnaround season executing the complex maintenance activities required to ensure the facilities which Canadians rely upon remain operational. Despite the significant demand for craft personnel across North America, our members and our employer partners did what they have always done; stood up and delivered. Thousands of highly skilled professionals dedicated themselves to the safe execution of the tasks place in front of them.  All feedback received indicates that we had a successful spring turnaround season.

Our members do what they do; they put their lives on hold, they put their families on hold, and many travel great distances and live in camps to ensure that the needs of our industry are met. They do not ask for a pat on the back, they do not look for praise, however, they should be recognized for what they do. What has been accomplished is simply incredible.

Most Canadians have no understanding as to the amount of work and organization which goes into executing a successful event.  Anyone associated with these events deserves recognition for their contributions as these significant events are only successful when the industry works together as a team. We count on one another to fulfill our individual responsibilities. Planners plan, schedulers schedule, supervision supervises, and our professional craft personnel execute. If any of these groups are out of sync, or has a misstep, it sets all of us back. This turnaround season was a success because everyone stood up and delivered; everyone did their part.

As skilled professionals we need to get better at telling our story and stop being humble! Working with your hands for a living is an honourable career choice.  We must continue to remind Canadians that the work our members and employers execute is essential to keep our country moving. Unfortunately, many fail to recognize, or understand the commitment and sacrifices made by those working on these events and it’s time for Canadians to wake up and give credit where credit is due.

On behalf of the GPMC I NMC, we thank you for your contributions and we thank you for your professionalism. We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to work on behalf of the safest and best trained workforce available in Canada.