Several key issues were highlighted and discussed at the very first New Brunswick State of the Industry meeting. They included:

  • VERY FIRST State of the Industry Meeting in NB—International Union Representatives, Local Union Representatives, Contractor Representatives and Client Representatives from Irving Oil and NB Power
  • Review maintenance activities across the country from 2022 and 2023
  • Review of current and upcoming maintenance activities within the province of NB
  • Discussion on safety
  • Discussion on importance of apprenticeship
  • Discussion on possible challenges we will face together
  • Availability of craft personnel for 2023 and beyond
  • Outline of GPMC/NMC Communication program going forward and the need to showcase what we do together
  • Update on CS2A Awards program


Communication will be important for GPMC/NMC in 2023, and we would like you to follow our social media accounts. We will focus on 4 main communication goals for 2023:

  1. GPMC must ensure that consistent communication is shared with our members.
  2. Expanding access to resources including a responsive website, videos, and enhanced toolbox talks will be critical.
  3. GPMC will provide varied content and messaging that will include a news feature on website, press releases, quarterly newsletters, featured member profiles, and more.
  4. Follow up and improve through feedback. We will we engage with our members through promotion and incentives, Canadian Safety Achievement Awards, GPMC/NMC bursaries, and annual member survey. We need your feedback to ensure that GPMC provides the highest level of leadership in industrial maintenance.

The 2023 Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A) will undergo a facelift this year to take these awards to the next level. These changes include:

  • New venue – Studio Bell Music Center in Calgary, Alberta
  • Focusing on increased award nomination submissions by union members and contractors
  • Increase exposure of the event to members and media
  • Create new opportunities to leverage CS2A.
  • The Craftperson of the Year will be showcased on social media, the GPMC/NMC and CS2A website, and featured in the event program, as well as a significant increase in prize value for the deserving winner.


Nominations for the CS2A are open until May 1, 2023. The CS2A is a national awards program designed to showcase exceptional health and safety performance of stakeholders within the confines of the unionized maintenance industry.

Nomination forms and guidelines are available online until May 1, 2023. Top performers will receive their awards at the 2023 CS2A banquet. Learn more: Canadian Safety Achievement Awards(cs2a.ca)