This past year has been another busy year in the contract maintenance industry across Canada. Our contracting partners and our local unions were responsible for executing some of the most complex and intricate turnaround activities tackled throughout the year.

A big thank you to the women and men of the Local Unions who were dispatched to these sites and made certain that the work was safely and efficiently executed.

Once again, our GPMC | NMC members and contractors demonstrated why we are industry leaders in the contract maintenance world, and there should be no doubt in the minds of the Clients as to why we should be their first choice for maintenance.

No other organization in our industry can do what we do. Some organizations make big promises, however, when it comes time to deliver on those promises they fail to do so. Working closely with our industry partners the GPMC | NMC is the only logical option to eliminate any unnecessary risk for our clients.

For several decades now we have demonstrated our ability to pull together the thousands of craft personnel required to bring these complicated projects across the finish line. We have always delivered, and we will continue to do so moving forward.

The Committee Members traveled across the country and were involved in multiple rounds of bargaining and renewal discussions for several GPMA & NMA Agreements. We are pleased to report that many improvements were made because of these efforts. Collective Agreement changes in our industry have always been driven by market conditions and our Committee Members have continually tried to protect our position in the ever-changing market.

It is important for us to deliver competitive Collective Agreements which meet the needs of our members, our contractors, and Clients. Adhering to our principles and following our long-established processes will provide for continued success which in turn provides employment opportunities for the thousands of skilled workers who rely on maintenance projects to provide for their families.

Having the opportunity to work with the International Unions, Local Unions and Contractors, and being tasked with the collective responsibility of providing the safest, best trained, best skilled, and most productive workforce in the nation is truly an honour and a privilege.