Stéphane Favron began his apprenticeship in 1987 in Montreal, Quebec and worked as a pipe fabricator at a shop in Montreal before being officially initiated into Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 144, Montreal, in 1998. Favron served as a supervisor at Petro Canada for Ganotec, Petro Canada in Montreal, and several pipeline stations. Additionally, Favron was a Job Steward on the Montreal pipelines and pipefitter at the Petro Canada Suncor refinery. In 2008, Favron was appointed as a Business Agent for Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 144 in Montreal, where part of his duties included servicing the Suncor refinery.

Appointed as a Special Representative of the UA in 2017, Favron continued to build strong relationships with other UA locals across Canada during his career. In 2021, Favron was elected to the position of International Representative, following his appointment in 2020 as an International Representative for the province of Quebec. In March 2024, Favron was appointed Secretary Treasurer of the GPMC I NMC and brings a wealth of experience and leadership.

Favron believes that the GPMC I NMC is great tool to go after market share in the maintenance industry as he wants to ensure members have the stable work they need as unionized labour provides the best workforce, best training, and best wages in the industry. 

Passion for the trades is truly a family affair. Favron’s wife is a welder with the UA, and their children seem to be on a career in the skilled trades as well. Favron’s eldest son is a welder who is just completing his education (and likely applying at UA soon), while his younger son is preparing to begin his training as an excavator operator. His daughter is currently in high school and focused on her education and athletic pursuits that include competitive dance and soccer.

Fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family are three of Favron’s passions in life. He especially enjoys fishing for trout and walleye from his kayak. Interestingly, the walleye, also known as the walleyed pike, yellow pike, or yellow pickerel, is a freshwater fish from the perch family that is native to most of Canada. This fish gets its odd name because of their eyes that point outward (as if it was looking at the walls). Walleyes are nocturnal and their unique eye structures give them strong sight even in dark waters. Favron looks forward to continuing to share his passion for nature with his wife and children and hopes to become an accomplished fly fisherman one day.