Jack Wall is a 38-year union member of the Sheet Metal Workers & Roofers Local 56 (SMART). He served as the Business Manager/ Financial Secretary for the past 20 years and was recently appointed as the International Representative for SMART representing Eastern Canada. Jack is also the current President of the Cape Breton Island Building and Construction Trades Council and the President of the Canadian Council of Sheet Metal & Roofers Canada. Passionate about the future of the trades industry, Jack has also served as a member of the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Committee for many years and as a trustee to the Local Union & Council Pension Fund. In March 2024, he was appointed as the SMART delegate to the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada & National Maintenance Council for Canada (GPMC/NMC).

Jack says, “I believe being a member of a Building Trades union is so important to help our families have a safe work site, having health plans that support our members and families when in need, along with a good pension plan that will ease the burden when we reach the age of retirement.” Jack believes in unions and their focus on trades training to collaborate with contractors to supply highly skilled professionals to complete a project on time and on budget.

Jack notes the GPMC/NMC as a great resource for large industrial project owners and contractors who require the skills to do the maintenance needed to keep their facilities functioning. The GPMC/NMC goes above and beyond to ensure the client is provided with the right tradespeople to complete the job safely. They create working relationships with all parties involved to ensure everyone is satisfied with the completed result.

In his spare time, Jack enjoys spending time with family and friends traveling, attending car shows, and camping.