Derrick Schulte has an extensive background in construction and maintenance projects throughout central and northern Alberta, as a Journeyman Carpenter and Scaffolder, and has been a proud member of Local 1325 for over 36 years.

He was the dispatcher for the Alberta Regional Council from 2005 through 2017 before being elected as the Executive Secretary Treasurer of the Alberta Regional Council in 2018. In November 2022, Derrick was assigned the role of Area Manager for central and southern Alberta as the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) was restructured. Derrick has been a board member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association for over 16 years and recently became the Carpenters International Representative to the GPMC/NMC earlier this year.

The Benefits of Unionized Labour & GPMC | NMC

Derrick believes that the union training of apprentices to provide well-trained journeymen to the industry is more important than ever. The wages and working conditions of working people have historically been protected by the collective agreements voted on by members, and he has seen this come under attack in recent years. According to Derrick, it has never been truer that a strong union means a strong middle class and that means a strong economy.

He recognizes that General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee and National Maintenance Council (GPMC | NMC) have provided a stable agreement that has allowed members from across many trades to access work in Alberta for over 40 years. Derrick feels that from time to time, workers have not always agreed on changes to conditions during economic challenges. However, he feels that the strength of the GPMC/NMC lies in the ability to work with contractors and owners, which has allowed for substantial opportunities for members.

Quiet Contemplation in Nature with Family

Derrick is a dedicated family man who finds peace in nature. He is a passionate fisherman who enjoys camping with family, including his beloved grandchildren. You can often catch Derrick on his motorcycle in the warmer months or playing a round of golf with friends.