David Noel joined Local 73 in 2001, after pursuing studies to become accomplished welder and a red seal construction boilermaker. He would later represent Local 73 at the 2005 apprentice competition. Over the course of several years, he also held the positions of Job Steward, Foreman, and General Foreman on numerous jobs. He started on the executive board in 2007 as the French recording secretary, and represented Local 73 at the 2011, 2016 and 2021 CSO conventions. Noel was the Local 73 Business Manager and Secretary Treasurer from 2016 to 2023, before being appointed as the International Representative for the Boilermakers in October 2023.

Education and training are important to Noel, and he is a graduate of the Harvard trade union program in Boston. He is also a trustee on the National Health and Pension plan and was a trustee for the New Brunswick Building Trades from 2017 until 2023. In 2024, Noel was appointed to the GPMC/NMC.

Noel sees the benefit of the GPMC/NMC as providing stability to the maintenance industry. Unionized labour ensures that wages are fairly negotiated for workers and workplace safety remains a priority.

With the birth of their first daughter in 2008, Noel stepped back from the business to embrace the role of Mr. Momas his wife, Danielle pursued her professional career. Noel prioritized his family during his daughter’s early years and credits his wife as being the true rock of their family.

With no daycare available in the rural community that Noel’s family resided, he became a trustee on the board which created a co-operative daycare, known as Garderie Cooperate D’allardville (GCD). He recalls that it took over three years of hard work before children could begin attending the new daycare, operating from a space in the community school. Today, the cooperative daycare is still active, providing care for young children throughout the Allardville area.

Together, Noel and his wife have worked steadfastly to ensure that their three children (Ellie,Camille, and Isaac) enjoy quality time with both parents and have created a closeknit family. Today, the children are active in athletics and academics, competing in badminton, volleyball, and other sports. This past summer, Noel and his family spent several weeks traveling across Canada together in a motorhome, creating lasting memories for everyone. In his spare time, Noel can also be found building furniture for the family home, gardening, and working on the rural homestead.