Representatives of the GPMC | NMC recently met with local union job stewards, Local Union Representatives and Contractor Representatives in Ft. McMurray to review the contract maintenance industry in the Wood Buffalo Region.

During the meeting local union Stewards and local Union Representatives were provided with an opportunity to address and educate the Committee Representatives and Contractor Representatives regarding issues which are impacting the craft personnel executing maintenance at the various sites within the region.

We are pleased to report that the dialogue exchanged indicated that there were very few issues of concern brought forward during the discussions in relation to the millions of craft hours executed within the region throughout the year.


A couple of the issues brought forward by the majority of the participants which will require further discussion, are:

  1. Camp Concerns – ranging from concerns regarding the quality of the food to the cleanliness of the rooms being provided.  
  1. Importance of Apprenticeship – as well as the development of a local workforce remains a key area of concern for the Ft. McMurray region.

This concern has been discussed for several years now and we need to continue to have conversations in hopes of finding a solution to move this forward.

It was reported that the Unions do not have an issue attracting apprentices to join their organizations, however, the lack of longevity to the work presents a roadblock to those wishing to begin a career in the skilled trades.

In order to attract the next generation of workers into our industry, we must be in a position to provide them with stable, continual employment. Merely providing work opportunities during the major turnarounds is not enough to attract workers.


Client Representatives on behalf of Suncor/Syncrude and CNRL met with the GPMC/NMC and Contractor Representatives to discuss maintenance activities in 2023. It was reported that the turnarounds executed at the respective facilities by the GPMC/NMC signatory employers had positive results.

The overwhelming majority of requests for craft personnel were filled by the local unions and the work was executed in a safe, productive and professional manner. The Clients thanked the local unions and employers for their success in executing the difficult work.


The GPMC | NMC informed the Clients, that the best way to ensure success on any of their projects and long-term maintenance work is to engage the services of those employers signatory to our Collective Agreements. For the last several decades, our employer base in conjunction with our local union members has proven to be the best recipe for success. Our members are the safest, best skilled, best trained workforce within the country.

The GPMC | NMC and our local unions have worked tirelessly with our employers to eliminate risk for our clients when tackling some of the most complex and intricate work executed within our nation. Together we have always proven why we should be the first choice for all contract maintenance; we always deliver!


We want to enhance the level of representation we provide to GPMC | NMC members to better understand what you need from us and from your maintenance collective agreements. GPMC | NMC needs your feedback to help us improve the way we conduct our business.

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