GPMC/NMC Committee Members are long-serving international representatives who contribute their expertise to ensure fluid communication between owners, contractors, and tradespeople.



Tony Pietrangelo

The GPMC | NMC has a strong foundation with over 70 years of experience, and I look forward to working closely with International Unions, Local Unions, Contractors, and members to provide the safest and most trained workforce in Canada.

Cordell Cole

“The GPMC | NMC provides stable job opportunities for thousands and thousands of building trades members across this country. These long-term well-paying jobs provide members the opportunity to be at home with their families.”

Bill Begemann

“Unions enable workers to join to improve their employment conditions. This has a ripple effect on employees not covered by a collective agreement understanding that the ripple will increase in size
as the amount of work done under a collective agreement increases.”

Chris Feller

“As infrastructure is built in Canada, maintenance plays an important role and the GPMC/NMC works hard to secure more work opportunities for its members. Being part of a union gives you the ability to develop skills to perform work that provides higher wages and long-term job security.”

Wade Logan

“The GPMC/NMC provides standardized agreements to all our clients and contractors with a safe, productive workforce with the security of no strike and lockouts guaranteeing the continued maintenance of their sites. The GPMC also strives to work with contractors and clients to make it easy to work out any issues that arise.”

Leonard Day

“The GPMC/NMC made me feel welcome when I joined in 2014. This is a group of very experienced individuals from all of the building trades. I also had the privilege to sit on the Charity Committee, a subcommittee of the GPMC, which allowed me to see firsthand the generosity and commitment to improving the communities where our members work and live.”

Sheldon Mckenna

“Being on the GPMC/NMC allows me the opportunity to maintain rightful jurisdiction in the workplace for union workers. I am committed to working hard each day to make both members and contractors successful, so that the union remains strong.”

Derrick Schulte

“The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee and National Maintenance Committee (GPMC | NMC) have provided a stable agreement that has allowed members from across many trades to access work in Alberta for over 40 years.”

Paul Faulkner

“The GPMC/NMC plays a crucial role in providing valuable support and resources to all members of the Insulator Union. These committees serve as a unified voice for their interests and concerns within the industry, advocating for fair wages, safe working conditions, and access to training and development opportunities.”

Steve Satter

“The GPMC | NMC creates solutions that work for local unions and employers. Every
member should be able to go to work, earn a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, and return home safely each day.”

Ryan Desrosiers


 As the GPMC | NMC bids farewell to Jack White, who is retiring from his position as Chairman of the GPMC | NMC, we express our deepest gratitude for his remarkable contributions. His values and leadership will continue to inspire us long into the future.

Jack White


 The GPMC | NMC honors Jack White, who has retired from his position as Chairman of the GPMC | NMC. We express our deepest gratitude for his remarkable contributions. His values, leadership, and compassion continue to inspire and guide us into the future. Safe and happy travels Jack!!


Brett McKenzie
Executive Director

Steve Valentine
Labour Relations

Charmaine Symmers
CS2A Program Director

Nicole Sendey
Communications Manager