The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada and National Maintenance Council for Canada (GPMC/NMC) Labour Relations Representative, Trent Valentine, and Executive Director, Brett McKenzie, had the opportunity to provide an update on the GPMC/NMC at the inaugural CAM Industrial Solutions – Union Field Services and Power O&M Site Managers’ Conference in Calgary yesterday.

The conference provided presentations on numerous industry related issues that included: Safety, Supply Chain, Turnaround Readiness, Union Relations, Supply of Craft Personnel, Performance Management, and Succession planning.

“On behalf of the GPMC/NMC we extend our thanks to Mick Kaefer CPA, President and Mark Ramsden, Vice President Field Services Union North America and Power O & M, for inviting us to present to their group,” stated Brett McKenzie. ”Relationships and partnerships are key components which contribute to our continued success in the contract maintenance industry and knowing that the GPMC/NMC has a partner that we can trust and count on is essential for the growth of our industry.”

Pictured above are some of the Cam Industrial Solutions Canadian contingent who participated in Calgary.