Thank you to our members who responded to our 2023 Member Survey. The high response rate demonstrates that our highly skilled tradespeople care deeply about the GPMC | NMC and are passionate about unionized maintenance.

Our member survey has enabled us to gain a more accurate understanding of your views on the representation, communication, and activities of the GPMC | NMC. The survey results have provided us with detailed insights into your opinions about the workplace, how we can improve our work, and our future direction.

Your feedback, provided during a challenging business environment, offers concrete suggestions on how we can collaborate to realize the vision of the GPMC | NMC for the future.

Moving forward, the GPMC I NMC is committed to:

  • continuing to increase our visibility on social media platforms.
  • developing an action plan addressing the key issues that require improvement in the medium to long term (ensuring that we continue to provide strong negotiation and advocate on behalf of our members).
  • providing timely newsletters that detail the impact of the GPMC | NMC.
  • continuing to grow the CS2A event and amplify workplace safety messaging
  • increasing visits to job sites by GPMC | NMC International Representatives.
  • building an engaging communications strategy for the CS2A program.
  • establishing a strong communication channel with our union stewards.
  • ensuring that worksite safety remains a top priority.
  • regularly provide news and important information on our website.

The GPMC | NMC Committee and I remain absolutely committed to acting on these matters, as we continue to provide leadership in unionized maintenance.

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2023 Survey Responses

By Province

Alberta was the province that recorded the highest number of survey responses from our GPMC I NMC members. This was also consistent with the 2022 survey findings and represents the province with the highest percentage of GPMC | NMC members.

The skilled trades of survey respondents changed slightly from the 2022 GPMC survey, as carpenters had represented the highest percentage of respondents, while pipefitters led the trades in response percentile for 2023.

Although the 2023 survey respondents were extremely familiar with the organization and felt the GPMC I NMC was extremely valuable to members, less than 40% of respondents were able to identify their GPMC/NMC International Representative.

Although members were extremely satisfied with the GPMC | NMC, the 2023 survey found that members wanted more communication. As a result, we have ensured that all newsletters are accessible online, direct communication with stewards has been prioritized and media has been expanded to increase our reach with our members.

After reviewing the communication sources, the GPMC | NMC has revamped their website, created multi-media newsletters, revised print materials, created an active presence on social media and committed to meeting personally with members, signatory employers, unions, and contractors on an ongoing basis to ensure communications work for our members.

The 2023 survey findings indicated that increased visits by GPMC | NMC International Representatives are of paramount importance to members. As a result, we have committed to prioritizing increased job site visits by our international representatives in 2024.

GMPC | NMC 2024 Survey!

Take the 2024 GPMC | NMC survey now! We have streamlined the survey so it just takes a couple of minutes to fill out on any device you choose. Your contribution is very important and makes a difference. Thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts!