The General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada (GPMC) and the National Maintenance Council for Canada (NMC) announced that they are accepting nominations for the 2023 Canadian Safety Achievement Awards (CS2A) until May 1, 2023. The CS2A is a national awards program designed to showcase exceptional health and safety performance of stakeholders within the confines of the unionized maintenance industry. Recently, Yahoo News featured an article on the CS2A awards.

Through the hard work of our clients, employers, and labour providers, safety in the maintenance industry has made tremendous progress and is now the top priority in their operations,” stated Brett McKenzie, Executive Director of GPMC | NMC. “The Committee is proud of the incredible progress the unionized maintenance industry has made in health and safety, and the Canadian Safety Achievement Awards showcase these achievements and celebrate safety performance with our industry partners.

– Brett McKenzie, Executive Director, GPMC | NMC

Nominations are now being accepted for six prestigious awards which cover all aspects of unionized maintenance work and are open to all GPMC | NMC clients, signatory employers, and local unions. The General Presidents’ Safety Excellence Award celebrates top performing employers who achieve the lowest total recordable incident rating (TRIR) for all craft hours executed under the GPMA & NMA agreements. The Tripartite Zero Injury Turnaround Award recognizes the successful execution of a turnaround or outage event without a recordable injury. The 365 Daily Maintenance Award showcases long-term daily maintenance of 12 months without a recordable injury. The William Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation Award is awarded for demonstrating the positive impact of a health and safety initiative on their own organization or the industry. The Sustained Superior Performance Award showcases stakeholder groups who execute significant volumes of craft hours with zero recordable incidents at a particular jobsite over multiple years. The Craftperson of the Year Award honours outstanding craftsmanship, professionalism, and safety leadership of a skilled building trades union member through their performance on a maintenance job.

Nomination forms and guidelines are available online until May 1, 2023. Top performers will receive their awards at the 2023 CS2A banquet that can be displayed at the workplace and local union halls to serve as a reminder of safety practices, and the common goal of reducing injuries.