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If your parent is a member of one of Canada’s construction and building trade unions whose local union has within its jurisdiction a General Presidents’ Maintenance Agreement or a National Maintenance Agreement you could win a $1000 bursary toward your higher education.


The Bursary is offered annually through the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee/ National Maintenance Council, an alliance of International Building Trades Unions that negotiates and administers labour agreements tailored for maintenance work at industrial plants in Canada.


It is named after Bob Watson, who was a United Association International Representative and the long-time Canadian Chairman of the GPMC/NMC. Bob was instrumental in the development of the Building Trades Union contract maintenance industry.


It is through the hard work and dedication of Union Representatives like Bob that we are able to offer this Bursary to assist union families in the high cost of post-secondary education.




The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards acknowledge and reward maintenance industry stakeholders who work together to achieve exceptional safety performance in their work.


This initiative aims to strengthen the tripartite relationship in the industry, and continue the promotion of health and safety as a top priority in the maintenance sector. The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards provide an avenue to showcase our stakeholder’s achievements, and celebrate success with industry partners.


For too long, jobs in the construction and maintenance sectors have been plagued by the perception of being dangerous occupations. The time has come to shake this conviction, and highlight that working as a skilled trades professional is both safe and lucrative.


Through the hard work of our Clients, Signatory Employers and Labour providers, safety in the maintenance industry has made tremendous progress over the past century, and is now the top priority in their operations.


To celebrate this accomplishment, and to recognize excellence in unionized maintenance on an annual basis, the GPMC/NMC is pleased to announce the creation of the Canadian Safety Achievement Awards. There are five prestigious awards which cover all aspects of maintenance work.

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