From General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada/National Maintenance Council for Canada

The GPMC/NMC offers twenty-five (25), two-thousand dollar ($2000) bursaries to assist members of Canada’s Building Trade Unions children with the cost of their post-secondary education.

If your parent is a member of one of Canada’s construction and building trade unions whose local union has within its jurisdiction a General Presidents’ Maintenance Agreement or a National Maintenance Agreement you are eligible to apply.

Contest Opens

September 1, 2023

Contest Closes

November 1, 2023

2022 Winners


The GPMC/NMC Educational Bursary contest is closed for 2022. Check back in September 2023 for the next contest.


Who can Apply?

Children attending a post-secondary academic institution on a full-time basis.

Their parents must be a member to one of Canada’s Construction & Building Trades Unions where their Local Union has within its jurisdiction a General Presidents’ Maintenance Agreement and/or National Maintenance Agreement.

Total Available

Twenty-five (25) bursaries allocated across the following provinces:

  • Fifteen (15) for Western Canada
  • Ten (10) for Eastern Canada

Please note that the value of each bursary and allocation across the provinces is subject to change each year.

Application Process

Using this website eligible applicants are required to:

  1. Fill out and submit the electronic application form available on this website.
  2. Upload proof of registration and/or enrollment as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution for the 2023-2024 academic school year.

Key Dates

Contest Opens on September 1, 2023.

Application Deadline is November 1, 2023.

A random lottery to select bursary recipients will be held on upon contest closing in October 2022. Winners will be posted on this website and checks mailed shortly thereafter.

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